Penn Envy

Dan Reed is off to grad school at Penn. Dan writes one of my favorite local blogs, Just Up the Pike and I will miss his work. I went to grad school at Penn and for the first two years I really hated Philadelphia.

My first Christmas there my car was stolen from in front of my apartment (it was found a few weeks later gutted in North Philadelphia) and I found myself working for an archaeology company that employed ex-cons as laborers. One of the ex-cons did PCP one morning and raped and killed two female coworkers before stabbing the two firm owners and stealing a truck. He escaped to New York City where he was captured after stabbing a couple of New York cops (but I digress).

Philadelphia eventually moved to the top of my list of places where I would like to live. I even ended up writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer covering folk music and popular culture for a few years. When I graduated my wife and I came up with a list of top three places to live and work: Philadelphia, Washington, and Boston. Dan will enjoy Penn and I wish him the best of luck and I will miss reading his blog. I hope he starts blogging from Philly ….

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  1. Hi David, I too experienced culture shock when I moved to Philly from Seattle. It was the height of the crack epidemic and an incredibly hot summer, that I experienced trying to sleep in an uninsulated attic in a turn-of-the-century rowhouse. I escaped by rowing on the Schuykill, a wonderful experience. I grew to love Philadelphia, even though riding on my bike to work in center city was hot and smelly (or alternatively cold and smelly), what with all the vents and all. Philadelphia and Portland OR remain my favorite cities for their architecture, scale, walkability, culture, parks, and rivers.


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