Silver Spring Drum Circle: Starting the Groove

August 28, 2010

Since July 2010, when the Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza opened, a drum circle has gathered Saturday evenings. I wanted to see how the drum circle forms each week so I arrived at 6:30 PM to see how it comes together. Performances are complex social events. The activities leading up to the actual event can be as significant as the music or drama performed during the performance. With that in mind I tried to catch how the Silver Spring drum circle comes together as a performance. This video is compiled from clips I shot while watching the drummers and their audience gather between 7:00 and 8:20 PM in Veterans Plaza.

Typo disclaimer: There’s a typo in the opening titles and I don’t feel like waiting 2 hours to re-render the video.

Now that I know — or at least I think I know — how things come together, I will be going back armed with better recording gear to capture the full performance from the moment the drummers gather to the point when they break up for the evening.

© 2010 David S. Rotenstein

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