Western Union microwave relay sites: Cub Hill relay, Maryland

Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union microwave relay sites survey: Part X

Site Name: Cub Hill
Call Sign:
State: Maryland
Type of Facility:
Tower Height: 100′

Cub Hill relay location map.

This Western Union relay site was located in Baltimore County east of Old Harford Road near the community of Carney. In 1948 the company executed a lease with the developer of a new subdivision, Greenwood Homes, Inc., that would have allowed them to build a tower, appurtenances, and an access road contingent upon receipt of permits from the FCC and the State of Maryland. In October 1951, the company was released from the terms of the lease because it had not secured the required permits; according to the release Western Union notified Greenwood Homes in October 1949.

Western Union records indicate that it built a 100-foot tower in the Cub Hill vicinity and the coordinates and elevation listed in Western Union technical documents correspond to the Greenwood Homes parcel. Surviving documents do not provide more details about the Cub Hill relay site.

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