Western Union microwave relay sites: Woodbridge relay, New Jersey

Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union microwave relay sites survey: Part XIII

Site Name: Woodbridge
Call Sign:
State: New Jersey
Woodbridge Township
Type of Facility:
Tower Height: 100′

Woodbridge relay location map.

The company constructed this relay in 1946 to correct path obstructions between two other New Jersey sites in the New York-Philadelphia network: New Brunswick and Bordentown. In July 1946 Western Union leased a parcel in Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey, from Hans and Mathilda Eriksen. The company was bound to a $75.00 annual rent and the instrument gave Western Union the option to buy the property for $1,500.00. The lease was renewed in 1951, with the rent elevated to $100.00 a year and the purchase option preserved. Two years later, in November 1953, Western Union exercised its option to buy the property “on which there is located a micro-wave tower and telegraph relay station.” Western Union sold the property in 1973 to Lutner, Inc.

The Woodbridge relay station was removed prior to 2003. The site where Western Union built the relay has been absorbed by a subdivision south of the New Jersey Turnpike.

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