Western Union microwave relay sites: Bakersville relay, Pennsylvania


Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union microwave relay sites survey: Part XVIII

Site Name: Bakersville
Call Sign:
State: Pennsylvania
Jefferson Township
SR 31
Type of Facility:
Tower Height: 100′

Bakersville relay station location map.

This relay site was constructed in Jefferson Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Located approximately 0.23 mile south of Pennsylvania State Route 31 at an elevation of 2,870 feet above mean sea level, Western Union purchased this property in October 1945 through its Telegraph Realty Company subsidiary after executing an option to buy it from landowner Frank H. Showman in June 1945 for $500.00. When the Telegraph Realty Company liquidated its assets in 1947 title to the site was transferred to the parent company. Western Union owned the site until March 1990 when it sold the property to the United States for $70,000.00.

Bakersville relay tower. Photo by David Rotenstein, 2004.

Western Union constructed a 100-foot tower at this site. During its transition, likely in the 1950s, to second generation microwave equipment the tower was removed and replaced with what the company described as twin-masts of the “H type,” essentially a pair of guyed lattice towers, outfitted with passive reflector or parabolic antennas. In 2004 the site had the twin mast towers with parabolic and whip antennas attached.

Bakersville relay equipment building and compound. Photo by David Rotenstein, 2004.

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