Western Union microwave relay sites: Mt. Laurel relay, New Jersey

Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union sign on the Tenley terminal, 2002.

Western Union microwave relay sites survey: Part XXII

Site Name: Mt. Laurel
Call Sign:
State: New Jersey
Mount Laurel Township
Haynesport & Mt. Laurel roads
Type of Facility:
Tower Height: 100′

Mt. Laurel relay location map.

The Mt. Laurel relay station was built on a 160-foot hill, the namesake of the community in which it was built. The parcel on which Western Union built its relay is located at the intersection of Evesboro and Meetinghouse roads in Mt. Laurel State Park.

Mt. Laurel relay. Photo in the Records of the Federal Communications Commission, National Archives and Records Administration.

In October 1945 Western Union purchased 21 acres from the State of New Jersey for $1,200.00. The company then conveyed all but a 0.91 acre outparcel back to the State of New Jersey. Western Union owned the site until 1990 when it sold the property to Micronet, Inc. Micronet in 1996 sold its assets, including the Mt. Laurel site, to the American Tower Corporation, the facility’s current owner.

Mt. Laurel relay tower. Photo by David Rotenstein, 2003.

The tower remains at the site, however the cab has been removed. Several one-story buildings are located inside the site’s compound, presumably built to replace the original Western Union building. Alterations to the tower include an extension raising it to 179 feet, presumably added after Western Union abandoned the site and the original equipment cab was removed; cellular/PCS panel antenna arrays and whip antennas have been attached to the tower.

Mt. Laurel relay equipment building and compound. Photo by David Rotenstein, 2003.

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