DeKalb County’s ranch houses: ubiquitous and uber sexy?

When we moved from the D.C. suburbs to the Atlanta suburbs in February, we exchanged a common 1930s house for a common 1950s house. We went from a Cape Cod built in 1936 to a ranch house built in the mid-1950s.

After we moved in we realized that we were living inside the Druid Hills Historic District and that the ranch houses lining our street were considered contributing elements to the district. Last year, the Georgia’s state historic preservation office released a well-researched and highly accessible ranch house context study. I downloaded the report and browsed through it before moving on to the business of moving. When I revisited the report a few weeks ago I realized that several of the homes discussed in there report were located just a few hundred feet from our new Georgia home.

Excited about the new neighborhood and about all the buzz surrounding ranch houses, I decided to write about them in my new VirginiaHighland-Druid Hills Patch column, Patch in Plain Sight. I interviewed folks who live in ranch houses, including a couple of real estate professionals, and several historians to find out why ranch houses are so hot. Click on over to the article and decide for yourself: Are ranch houses sexy?

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