Virtual zeitgeist, physical places, and real people

Architecture writer Nichole Reber has written a post for Hong Kong’s Perspective magazine blog that explores the intersection of history, preservation, and memory documented in past posts in this blog.

Living history’ takes on a whole new meaning when community and traditions come into play

Recent social networking has helped me to delve deeper into the world of architectural restoration and/or preservation. It’s one particular discussion thread that has me thinking. It seems that preservation isn’t always about architectural history in America, Britain, and Canada; sometimes it provides poignant reminders of zeitgeist.

Such is the case for David Rotenstein, a consulting historian. Rotenstein found his work on a residential project facilitated significantly when a bevy of previous residents and neighbours helped him dig deeper and deeper into the home’s 1930s roots. The owner of a neighbouring house was particularly thrilled to talk to Rotenstein about the original community, going back to when it consisted of only two houses. Her story reminds us of history’s gravity.

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