Another Decatur Dollar Home Slated For Teardown

In 1980, Ricky Harris became a new Decatur homeowner. He paid $1 for a house on Ansley Street in South Decatur, an area that in 1975 became an “Urban Homesteading Demonstration Program” community.

Ansley Street former Urban Homesteading household. Photo by author, December 2011.

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Tearing Down History, Preservation (updated)

The City of Decatur Historic Preservation Commission presents its annual Decatur Design Awards to recognize contributions made to retain the historic character of the City. – City of Decatur Website


2011 City of Decatur Design Awards. Presentation excerpt posted at the City of Decatur Website.

What was the Decatur Historic Preservation Commission thinking? Earlier this year, the HPC gave a design award to a property owner and his architect for a type of project that is diametrically opposed to accepted historic preservation practice and theory. Continue reading