North Four Corners places and buildings collage

As I finish the edits on next Monday’s post on new Silver Spring McMansions, I put together this collage showing the older building stock in my North Four Corners neighborhood juxtaposed against a map with some of the earliest subdivision plats and their dates as an overlay.

© 2010 David S. Rotenstein

4 thoughts on “North Four Corners places and buildings collage

  1. Hi David, This is nice and very interesting. I have a question for you. We live at 933 Loxford Terr. and I noticed that your collage does not include any of the homes over here that are also members of the Forest Knolls pool, Forest Knolls E. School and NFCCA community association. Our son lives at 303 Marvin which is included in your collage. Is there a reason for this or are you going to include us? We have been here since 1985 and heard some interesting facts from original owners. One is that our neighborhood had three different builders, some went broke, hence the three style groups of homes. Someone told me ours was once a model home with the upgraded brick. I would love to get copies of the original floor plans or sales flyers or any other info such as the builders names. Once long ago someone indicated on the list serve that they had all of that info. I tried to do a search but I can’t find it. I should have asked at that time but then hind sight is always 20/20! Any info you have would be appreciated. Good job!

    • Thanks Marilyn. Your part of the neighborhood is just a bit beyond the core area I am working on right now. I would encourage you to try to document your property/neighborhood history while sources remain to do so. Happy new year. David.

  2. I’m interested in looking at older photos of the Northwood NFC neighborhood. Do you know of any (easy) places to look, either on the web or at local libraries? It’s simply for curiosities sake and not for any particular project… Thanks!

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