Sorting Decatur, Ga.


Source: U.S. Census.

I was putting together a PowerPoint for my program on gentrification in Decatur, Ga.’s Oakhurst neighborhood and I added this chart. Decatur has lost more than 50% of its African American population since 1980. According to data posted on the City’s website (unconfirmed), the latest (2013) breakdown of the Decatur’s demographics have it at 74.1% white and 19.5% black. In 2010 it was 78.3 white and 21.7 black. In three years, Decatur lost an additional 2.2 percent of its African American population while gaining new residents of different ethnicities.

… we continue to attract a diverse population with a wide range of age groups, racial backgrounds and economic levels. — City of Decatur website

Since 1970 most of the city’s African Americans have lived in the Oakhurst neighborhood. This chart graphically illustrates gentrification’s replacement power.

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  1. Last time I checked, the city of Decatur website also touted how highly the community values its historic assets..yet just today, yet another iconic vintage Oakhurst home at the far end of my street was bulldozed to make way for a new, bigger one that will not house a low or middle income family of any ethnic or racial background. It seems Decatur’s official party line is not consistent with the reality on my block. I wonder: when will Decatur get serious about choosing what sort of place it wants to be and sticking to it?

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