Montgomery County Executive denies access to “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” archaeology reports

After spending more than $1 million to buy a building oral tradition suggested was the “real Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” Montgomery County paid an archaeological consultant to conduct research at the property to identify intact archaeological resources to assist in interpreting the property. Last year I requested copies of the archaeology reports that the consultant produced. Funded by county, state, and federal dollars, the archaeological research was undertaken to complement Montgomery County’s plans to develop the property as a new heritage park.

Screen capture of Montgomery County Parks Department Josiah Henson Park master plan Website with maps showing archaeological excavation locations. Captured Nov. 1, 2010.

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Groundhog Day 2011

Each year I used to celebrate Groundhog Day with calls to friends and relatives and with home-made cards. People would send me Groundhog Day-themed cartoons and I would add them to my collection. Then, in 1993 Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day movie was released and the holiday went commercial. You just can’t compete with popular culture and I abandoned the annual Groundhog Day celebration. Continue reading